The Girl From Venice

girlfromvenicecoverTitle: The Girl From Venice

Author: Martin Cruz Smith

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Pub Date: 18 October 2016

Genre: Historical Thriller, Venice, WW2, Romantic




What a lovely world to escape into for a couple of rainy afternoons! Venice during WW2 is fertile ground for romance and other thrilling underworldly goings-on and Martin Cruz Smith nails it!


Cenzo is one of three sons in a family of fishermen. One brother is a movie star, one is dead, and young Cenzo struggles to carry on in the family boat while avoiding the attentions of Nazis in the waters of occupied Venice. He really would like to stay out of trouble, (which is not his strength), but one dark night he fishes a body out of the water and triggers a cascade of life and history-changing opportunities.


Giulia is a vulnerable young woman running from a traumatic past and the wartime enemies that continue to seek her. Her life has been fraught with violent loss and trust is a commodity she cannot afford. Without it, she has no hope of survival.


I hope you read it to find out what happens when they meet!


Against the backdrop of world history, the people and the small Venetian village they inhabit make their own moving, humorous, triumphant, and occasionally tragic story. All of the characters are easy to bond with, the setting is evocative, and the adventures they are on are thrilling and over the top in all the right ways!

Great job, Martin Cruz Smith!

A review copy was received by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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