Book Reviews

Book reviews are blog posts. Choose a category below, or ‘uncategorized’ to see them all!

These reviews reflect my personal opinion of the work reviewed. Some of the work will only be reviewed with a general rating or short comment, some with a full review.

If you send me a galley or review copy and wish me to do an in-depth review of the work, please let me know in advance, otherwise, I will use my own judgment as to how much needs to be said.

I like to do my part to support independent authors and small press publishers with small marketing budgets, so I do not charge for an honest review. My reviews are posted on goodreads, Amazon, Librarything, Barnes and Noble, NetGalley, and other sites in addition to this blog. I do not guarantee praise unless I feel the work deserves it. I do not do ratings unless it clarifies the review. The highest praise available is to be tagged ‘Recommended’.

I don’t do spoilers, so no need to worry!

I rarely include a long drawn out review, since I can communicate what I find important about a book in just a few sentences- remembering that the purpose of my review is to tell you what the book is about, what it does well or not so well, and, of course, why you should read it. My purpose is to expand book exposure, which encourages literacy through literary exploration.

I review all (no naughty stuff though) genres in categories including Adult, Children’s and juvenile/middle grade, and YA/NA, in both Fiction and Nonfiction. My reviews, like all of my book related endeavors, are geared toward encouraging literacy in families.

If I have been given a review copy for free in exchange for an honest review, I will state it clearly.

Feel free to leave a comment after any review to tell me what I missed or what I should have missed, or just to say Hi!

Please recommend your favorite books for my To-Read list in any comment box!

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