Family Literacy

Due to the time needed on several large projects my work as a literacy advocate is on hold. If you have a need related to my literacy work, please email me.

It is sometimes hard for us as teachers to remember that the goal of literacy is not to learn how to read and understand books. The goal of literacy is to give a person the power to command and control their environment through communication. Everywhere. All the time.

From the door that says ‘do not enter’ to the ‘turn off your cell phone’ posted instructions in a hospital room, the ‘form line here’ at the bank and ‘no checks please’ at the store, to the ‘one day only’ sale flyer and the ‘how many members of your household…’ on an application, being literate means being able to navigate life in a culture that relies on written instructions to communicate vital information.

It is never too late or too hard to master English language life literacy.

Tip: Turn on your closed captioning and turn down the volume of your TV until you can barely understand what the people are saying. After you get used to it, you will find yourself reading along automatically for hours of stress-free practice!


If you have any literacy tips or ideas, please share them!