The Last Days of Night


Title: The Last Days of Night

Author: Graham Moore

Publisher: Random House

Pub Date: 16 August 2016

Genre: Historical fiction. Mystery, Drama


The billion dollar lawsuit and epic battle between the powerful corporations of Westinghouse and Edison to capture the nation’s electrical future seems to hinge on a beautiful liar, the unreliable ramblings of the genius Nikola Tesla and the inexperienced fumbling of an untried lawyer, and yet things are not always as they seem. In this David and Goliath versus Goliath and David story, there are tragedies and triumphs, hand-wringing, angry outbursts, and laugh out loud moments with a lot of well-researched history, beautifully written scenes, and not a moment that was dry and boring.


Graham Moore successfully transports the reader to the era of gaslight and cobblestone, where rich Wall St. men wield unimaginable power over their peers, diamond encrusted beautiful  women of society must always perform, and the brutal pressures exerted by the powerful are the same as in every generation, everywhere. Moore makes it very entertaining.


A copy was received by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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