Sealed Up


Title: Sealed Up

Author: Steve Dunn Hanson

Publisher: Steve Dunn Hanson

Pub. Date: August 1st 2016

Series: The Course of Fate #1

Genre: Suspense thriller, archeological, theological


Luke, the dynamic evangelist, not only believes in the prophesies of Edgar Cayce but in his own secret personal role in them. Nathan Hill, the anthropologist specializing in Mayan culture Luke has enlisted to help discover the truth has only one chance to uncover artifacts that may change the future world– if they really exist. In the meantime, the DEA has an ongoing investigation that crosses national borders and places undercover agent Audra Chang in danger in two worlds.


Four stars for the execution, three and a half stars for the content.


This book is well edited. The writing style is tight, mature, and professional. The story is well-written, except for minor pacing issues here and there. The setting is detailed and carefully rendered.  The characters are interesting, though a little overplayed now and then. The research is obviously very thorough, and the topic of religious prophesy is one Hansen must know very well. Though the religious aspects are not overwhelming, they do exist in ways fundamental to the plot. I found myself wishing that religious beliefs were not so central to such an interesting story, (Indiana Jones found the Arc of the Covenant, but no one thinks of that as a Christian story) but that is just me. It just felt a little forced.


All in all, I enjoyed the book. Thanks to the author for the copy through Netgalley in exchange for this honest review.


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