Apocalypse Now Now

apocnownowcoverTitle: Apocalypse Now Now

Author: Charlie Human

Narrator: David Atlas, Fiona Hardingham

Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks

Pub. Date: 1 October, 2015

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Recommended for ages 16 and up


Baxter is in trouble. He needs to save his girlfriend and decide to either protect the world or rule it, but he is just an ordinary teen in South Africa– if ordinary means being the leader of a rapidly growing porn ring at school and discovering you might be both a serial killer and powerful warrior seer hero in an underworld filled with mythical creatures and zombie spider prostitutes. Will his life ever be normal?

The publisher says this book is “…Neil Gaiman meets Tarantino,” and I agree– only I would add a bit of Rowling too. Outside of that, Charlie Human is a force of imagination that can hold his own.

It is a clever, laugh out loud, cringe-inspiring tale, filled with characters and settings that burn their weird supernatural personalities into the brain.A raw, darkly funny romp through old genre territory made new again.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Follow it up with the second book in the series, “Kill Baxter.”



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