A Better World

cover44678-mediumTitle: A Better World

Author: Markus Sakey

Series: Book #2 of The Brilliance Series
Publisher: Thomas and Mercer (2014)

Read it! (Read Brilliance first, though)

In the second installment in the trilogy, Nick Cooper is once again tasked with saving the world. This time, however, the moral dilemma he struggles with is even more complicated. While working for a government he is trying to trust again, he must set aside what he thinks he knows in order to make decisions that will have unknown outcomes. The enemies of the better world he has come to believe in are superior and not even death can keep them from their quest to destroy the world.
A Better World is a nice continuation of the series, though not as fast-paced as the first book. There are moments where the reader is swimming in philosophical justification of actions or pontificating internal dialogue from the characters and some of the external dialogue between characters is clumsy. The story has some satisfying surprises. It takes all the way to the second half of the book to regain the glorious momentum of Brilliance, but once it does, it clips along until the end, which has a nice climax that drives the reader to the next in the series.

Overall, I enjoyed the book and am enjoying the series. It is obvious to me that Sakey enjoys writing, and his enthusiasm for the story is contagious. I am already reading the third in the series, Written In Fire. Review to come!

A review copy was provided for free in exchange for an honest review through NetGalley.


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