City of Blades

Title: City of Blades

Series: The Divine Cities


city of blades cover
Author: Robert Jackson Bennett

Publisher: Broadway Books, January 2016


City of Blades is the second book in The Divine Cities series by Robert Jackson Bennett, but a reader does not have to read City of Stairs first to get the full measure of the story. In fact, I recommend that you read them both in whatever order you can to double the enjoyment! In City of Blades Robert Jackson Bennett does all the things he does best. He compels us to follow along as haunted one-handed warrior General Mulaghesh travels to the continental lands once ruled by the Divine Voortya where she cannot escape her bloody past. Then he takes us beyond to a magnificent terrible place where she must carry out an unexpected brutal task that only one who fully carries the soul burden of such a bloody past can undertake. All with the help of wonderful characters like Sigrud and a host of others definitely worth getting to know.

A fine story played out by strong individual characters that you really care about set in a finely textured, fully realized world.

Deeply satisfying.

This advance review copy was provided for free through First To Read.


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