Ill Will

illwillcoverTitle: Ill Will

Author: Dan Chaon

Publisher: Ballantine Books

Pub.Date: 7 March 2017

Genre: Psychological thriller, Literary Suspense, Crime, Horror, Contemporary


You know that chill you get when you walk into shadow? That is this book.


A cold dark truth emerges from beneath this twisted murder tale as the timeline of a man’s life plays out and he must grapple with each new revelation about the people he thinks he knows best.


This book is a tightly written page-turner due to Chaon’s mature and polished style. He is able to casually fill the story with people who get weirder and weirder, and will stop at nothing to tickle your psyche. I really enjoyed being creeped out by this read!


A copy was received from the author so I could create this honest review.


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