sycamorecoverTitle: Sycamore

Author: Bryn Chancellor

Publisher: Harper

Pub. Date: 9 May 2017

Genre: Contemporary, Thriller, Suspense


This is not a love story. This is a tight, suspense filled, humanity revealing, cross-genre mystery thriller plus.


When newly unearthed bones (that just may belong to the long missing girl Jess Winters) are discovered in the desert, the restless secrets of the citizens of the quiet town of Sycamore are compelled to stir as well. The truths revealed are thrilling, naked, transformative, and ultimately heart-breaking.


Chancellor has done a great job on this one. It is well-paced with a good story, well written, populated with masterfully drawn characters, and firmly placed in an immersive setting. With an adept author, it is amazing how well a person can know a place they have never been and know a character so deeply they can discover what they are hiding.


Read it if you haven’t already.


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