sacrificescoverTitle: Sacrifices

Author: Maggie Voysey Paun

Publisher: PublishNation

Pub. Date: 11 November, 2015

Genre: Mystery, Fiction, Historical


After a stroke, Rose is lost in her past where her young son, Joseph, went missing in the African jungle. Lilia, out of a need to understand the mystery behind some of the things she finds out about her neighbor Rose, joins her adventurous cat Rajah to take up the search for both Joseph and Rose, finding much more than she expected as she recreates Rose’s life journey by traveling the paths that she walked in her painful search.


I am so sorry this book has such a small following, because it is one of those independently published books that is well done and worth the read. It is both graceful and charming. Beyond a cozy, but not obscure literature. There are many fantastic moments in it where the reader gets to travel to modern England, Africa, and India with Lilia, and the England, Africa, and India of the 1950s in the journals and remembrances of Rose and her husband, who were missionaries at the time. The ending is just right, leaving the reader satisfied.


The characters are drawn deeply, even the cat, who shares his own world adventures with the reader. They are as deep and thoughtful as the book itself. A worthy read and I hope that Maggie Voysey Paun writes many more..


A review copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.


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