The Genius Asylum


Title: The Genius Asylum

Author: Arlene F. Marks

Publisher: Edge-Lite

Pub. Date: 25 April, 2016

Series: Sic Transit Terra #1

Genre: Sci-fi,  Space Caper, Hard-Boiled, Crime Drama, Intergalactic Espionage

Drew Townsend is dispatched to a remote station for punishment, to solve a crime, or to do a wholly different job for which he, as a genius among geniuses, is uniquely qualified. The trouble is that even he may not know who he is really working for and whether the job he is supposed to do is the right thing, or if he should follow the unintended path he created right into the center of a battle of powerful political forces.

This book is a well-written fast-paced humorous caper that just keeps delivering on all of its promises. As the crime investigation unfolds to explore the best and worst of human nature, the rest of the complex layers of the story and the characters are revealed. The people are individuals with their own stories to tell, and Daisy Hub becomes a character in its own right. The politics are believable, and the mystery is a worthy one.

This was a fun read, and I am looking forward to the rest of the series. Marks has a way of bringing the story to life.

A copy was provided by Edge-Lite in exchange for an honest review.


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