Terminal City

terminalcitycoverTitle: Terminal City

Author: Trevor Melanson

Publisher: Edge-Lite

Pub. Date: 24 April, 2016

Series: Terminal City Saga #1

Genre: Spec-Fiction, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, Contemporary


Mason Cross is embarking on a new life in more ways than just going to college. When he moves in to the house he inherited from his dead father and an odd stranger comes calling, he discovers that death is just another beginning.


Once introduced to the world of unseen things, Mason is delivered as a complex hard-edged young man who takes joining the ranks of his father’s powerful friends, the Necromancers, in an epic battle against the Inquisitors in stride. This is a fast-paced, well-written entertaining book and a good way to pass time. The plot never lags, and it is pleasantly easy to stay immersed in the darkish underworld of the book. I am looking forward to the next in the series!


I received a review copy from the publisher through Librarything in exchange for an honest review.


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