Before the Fall

beforethefallcoverTitle: Before the Fall

Author: Noah Hawley

Publisher: Hachette Audio (audiobook), Grand Central Publishing (print)

Pub. Date: 31 May, 2016

Genre: Suspense, Thriller


After surviving a plane crash, painter Scott Burroughs is plunged into another nightmare alongside the four year old boy he rescued. With both still in shock, he finds the world seemingly sucked into a vortex of inexplicable hostility. Powerful enemies emerge, and powerful allies have their own agenda. Though willing the answers to the right questions to come back to him, ultimately, he may not be able to survive surviving.


This is a decent thriller, although the back half was certainly more tightly paced than the front. The ending was satisfying. I was curious throughout, invested in the story, and willing to stay until the last page. The layering of information, flashing back and forth to the stories of the flight crew was smooth, clever, and well-done. The characters were likable, if a little bland, predictable, and shallow.


All in all, a decent read to borrow from your public library or friend’s bookshelf for the weekend.


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