wolvescoverTitle: Wolves

Author: D. J. Molles

Publisher: Blackstone

Pub. Date: (projected) 30 Aug. 2016

Genre: Post-Apocalyptic, Science Fiction, Recommended


With nothing left to lose, Huxley, a man driven by grief to become a force of destruction, moves across the land toward a singular vengeful goal. He seeks his daughter, and the death of man with the tattoo that enslaved her and brutally killed his wife. No matter how low it gutters, the flame of hope refuses to die. Huxley will not stop—cannot stop– even if he becomes everything he hates about the enemy himself.


I can say much about this book, but first I want to say Bravo! to D. J. Molles. He went all in on this one with extraordinary courage and raw human honesty. It is impossible not to feel Huxley, Jay, Lowell and all the rest. There is so much action and complexity within the story and the setting that it leaves the page and stays with you when you put down the book. Although there was a satisfactory ending, I did not want to leave the story when it ended.


To call this book only a western or a post-apocalyptic story is shorting the value. It is set in a western setting (which is so well done that even if you don’t like westerns, you will still willingly go there) and it is certainly in a low tech post-apocalyptic civilization, but it is also a hero’s relentless journey, an infernal quest of sorts, and a glimpse into fierce human souls in pain. Just a story of a man, a husband and father compelled to do anything and everything to anyone and everyone to get to his daughter. Huxley’s journey is beautiful in the same way stormy seas are beautiful– destructive, awesome, terrible, but in a good way if you are somewhere safe and warm.

Read it the day it is released! Put it on whatever list of books to read—at the top.

An advance reading copy was provided for free from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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