beltrunner cover

Title: Beltrunner

Author: Sean O’Brien

Publisher: Edge-Lite

Pub. Date: February 22, 2016

Genre: Science Fiction

Scavenging known space makes for a hard life, and surviving outside of the Corporations in the Belt makes it all the harder. It is not surprising that Collier and his unusual companion Sancho hit bottom, like many before them, until they make the discovery of their lives…or deaths, as it may turn out to be.


Beltrunner is a solidly enjoyable science fiction adventure, fast paced, and filled with the kind of characters that make you smile, break your heart, or just make you clench your jaw.  I read it in one sitting and thoroughly enjoyed it. O’Brien builds a universe to get lost in that is as hard, gritty, and unforgiving as deep space itself. It is a well-written romp around space like many others, yet plenty of surprising elements give the story a depth and purpose all its own without the heavy strain of space melodrama. Read it because it is both light fun and thoughtful reading.


A copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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