dreamers coverTitle: Dreamers

Author: Donna Glee Williams

Publisher: Edge-Lite

Publication Date: February 1, 2016


Dew is a prisoner to her only purpose in the hot, dusty town –dreaming the future for all who live there from the isolated chamber at the center of her cool garden. Things are as they have always been, each day’s small duties blending into the next for the girl, each night dream upon dream produced for the council.

Then one day there is a new presence, an answer to a thirst she never knew she had, a splash of the brightest color among the grays of her existence. Unfortunately, the greed of the Chief Interpreter knows no bounds, and the Dreamer must serve, even if it kills her. The friendship of a weaver, the willingness of a water-bearer, and the loyalty of a scribe may not be enough to rescue her before she is destroyed for waking to a world beyond the waters of the North Gate, where only dreamers can go.


I love this publisher, (Edge-Lite). They really have a wonderful skill for picking up good storytellers, and Donna Glee Williams is indeed a master storyteller in Dreamers. From the first page of this fantasy to the last (which you will leave behind with a regretful sigh), she immerses you in the images, sounds, tastes, smells, and textures of the world. The characters are as bitter-sweetly unforgettable as the story itself. Truly magical. Watch for more from this author.


A review copy was provided by the publisher through Librarything in exchange for this honest review.


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