The Infidel Stain

infidel stain coverTitle: The Infidel Stain

Author: M.J. Carter

Publisher: Penguin Random House, March 29th, 2016

Series: The Blake and Avery Mystery Series

Genre: Historical, Mystery, Crime, Suspense

This title is a stand alone novel in the series and does not release until march 29th, so while you are waiting you should read the first in the series, The Strangler Vine, in which Blake and Avery are introduced with a great deal of enjoyable rollicking adventure and another gripping mystery.

The Infidel Stain is a historical mystery set in nineteenth century London as the Chartists, a group of downtrodden commoners, struggle to raise a revolution against the privileged aristocracy. The two independent agents, clever jaded Blake, ever willing to take monstrous risks that test gentleman Avery’s patience and reason, team up again when a series of murders bring a deepening conspiracy to light. They may be the only ones capable of heading off the bloody war coming to the streets and back alleys of London, but Blake and Avery find that when they get too close to the truth they are fighting both sides just to survive.

This was an enjoyable read bursting with atmosphere. From the clamor and filth of the historical London rookeries and prisons to the busy and prim worlds of the wealthy philanthropists, the story comes to life. Blake and Avery are characters drawn with wit and conscience, shaped by their own pasts and full of individual personality. Both are a pleasure to meet and well worth knowing. The pace of the mystery keeps the reader engaged from beginning to end. Overall, as good as the first book in the Blake and Avery series, The Strangler Vine, and those who like a good Sherlock Holmes type historical mystery should read them both.

This review copy was received from the publisher through First to Read.


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