The Accidental Highwayman

accidental highwayman coverTitle: The Accidental Highwayman
Author: Ben Tripp
Narrator: Steve West
Publisher: Macmillan Audio, 2014
Genre: Fantasy

The full title of this book includes ‘Being the Tale of Kit Bristol, His Horse Midnight, A Mysterious Princess, and some Magical Persons Besides,’ which gives away the epic fantasy style of this great-hearted adventure.

Kit, a young man who finds his life of contented servitude suddenly overturned unintentionally, has to keep promises others have made, find a princess he lost, learn to cooperate with a magical horse, count on questionable old circus friends, and survive fairies with lights in their tushes. There are a host of other strange characters and events, yet somehow Kit manages to fulfill his own unexpected destiny…sort of.

This is a story populated by characters that are witty and charming, magical and otherwise. The adventure is a worthy bit of a highwayman’s tale, and a worthwhile way to spend an afternoon or two. Read it, it’s a fun book!


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