It is Hands Free Reading Season!

I love the holidays, especially the gift-making! Because of this labor of love and the need to keep my hands free, the holidays are also the season for catching up on all those audiobook reviews. Unfortunately, the number of audio ARCs is relatively low. Any suggestions?

By the way, if you haven’t tried audiobooks yet, give them a go! Check your library, and introduce your family to an old friend of a book you haven’t thought about in ages. Audiobooks are fantastic for the whole family on road-trips or planes.They are a great alternative to mindless phone use, an exciting way to introduce a love of story into fledgling readers, a way to remind busy busy people living busy busy lives of the comfort of a good story– and I hear they are good for keeping loneliness and depression at bay for those susceptible during the holidays.

When you are thinking about holiday donations in your community to care homes for the elderly, youth programs, or hospice/hospitals, don’t underestimate the power of a portable player and a stack of books on tape or disks from the local thrift store.

Hooray! My holiday wish is for people who need it to be nourished by a good book…or a pile of good books.

I love to ask the question, What should I listen to next?


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